The Game

The Game

Players and parents alike all want to know about this amazing sport! This site is filled with information about the game, the teams, our sponsors, schedules, referees, the board, and links to other connections.
The game is played with different enforcement of the rules based on the age of the players. Players meet with their coaches for practice during the week and the games are scheduled for the weekends. Common locations for games are Cloverdale Furber Park, Washington School Field, and  City Park as well as Windsor field on Belle road and Healdsburg fields. Players and Coaches sit on one side of the field and the spectators sit  on the opposite side.

The Season

For Cloverdale the season practices run from August until November. Games start at the end of August and run through the beginning of November. Each season there is a photo day where team pictures are taken with the team banner.  Each coach usually holds an end of the season event after all the games are played.

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