Are you interested in Refereeing the Cloverdale Youth Soccer League games? Now is the time to register! Registration will close 8/21. Referees get paid for each game they Ref!

U6 (1 ref) $18/game

U8 (1 ref) $20/game

U10 $25/game

U12 $35 Center/game, $25 Assistant/game

U14 $40 Center/game, $35 Assistant/game

All referees need to take a course – see the link below

  1. There is a fee for both the re-certifying referees and new referees – $10/game worked up to five games ($50) will be reimbursed to new referee on their end of year checks.
  2. Returning referees need to take the online RE-CERTIFYING REFEREES online course (link below)
  3. New referees need to take both an online course and an in person course which we are hosting on 8/27 at Furber Park. New referees need to create an account on the below website and navigate to –


COURSE DETAILS for the training in Cloverdale on 8/27 at Furber Park  (or any training which location and time work for you) then


Once registered there will be the online courses loaded into the MY COURSES section of the account – THESE NEED TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE IN-PERSON TRAINING.

Reach out to Frances Kruger with questions –

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