CYSL Board

There is no ‘I’ in Team, but there is ‘ME’.

Without involved parents and community members, without you, there is no team.

Every year, Cloverdale’s Youth Soccer League serves up to 300 athletes while the sad reality is, we go begging for a mere dozen board members. Your contribution would mean so much while it takes so little, and gives our kids a healthy, active, fun outlet all summer long.

 We need new board members for the Cloverdale Youth Soccer League to continue each season. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer.  Thank you to the 2018 Board Members who stepped up to provide services for this season.

You are needed for the teams to play on. So we say, “Give us an ‘e,’ give us an ‘m,’ mix them up and give us a ‘me’!!!” Go—o team!

2018 Board

President: Katie Silva

Vice-President:  Sabina Domenici

Secretary: Jennifer Hutchison

Treasurer: Kurt Kelder

Registrar: Liz Jimenez

Equipment Coordinator: Sabina Domenici

Referee Coordinator: OPEN POSITION

U6/U8/U10 Coaching Coordinator: Hugo Orozco

U12/U14/U16 Coaching Coordinator: Mike Silva

Field Coordinator: OPEN POSITION

Sponsorship Coordinator: Peter Kruger

Photo Coordinator: Debra Chupp

Website Coordinator: OPEN POSITION

Please contact us to volunteer. We cannot do it without your support!

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