Keep the Registrations Coming!

Happy 4th of July weekend! Thanks to all who have completed registration for their players! We are very excited for this season. If you haven’t started or completed your registration yet, please do so as it will help the league keep things moving forward for ordering uniforms and getting the required amount of referees.

Below are the links to register based on our child’s birth year. If you run into any issues completing registration please email us with your player’s name and Birth Date at

Playing Age/Birth Year
U16 2006-2007
U14 2008-2009
U12 2010-2011
U10 2012-2013
U8 2014-2015
U6 2016-2017



U10 Boys

U10 Girls

U12 Boys

U12 Girls

U14 Boys

U14 Girls

U16 Boys

U16 Girls

By cloverdaleyouthsoccer