Coaches Needed ASAP

We have 12 teams for children U10-U16 this year but sadly we only have 6 coaches for these teams. We are missing coaches for U10 boys, U12 Girls, U14 girls and U16 boys.

Unfortunately if we do not have a registered, approved coach (the coach has to be fingerprinted) for each team, many children will not be able to play this season nor will we be able to hand out equipment for practices. Remember you don’t need to be a parent to coach.  IT’S URGENT WE FIND COACHES FOR THESE TEAMS

It is our goal that all kids who registered this year will be able to play soccer. Soccer keeps kids active, teaches them self discipline, teamwork and more. It’s important that as parents we do what we can to keep these teams united and on track to practice and play at the same time as the other teams.

If this is something you (or someone you know) can do for a team, please contact U10-U16 Coaching Coordinator, Maribel Soto at: or 707-322-2189.
Thank You!
By cloverdaleyouthsoccer