New Uniform Policy

We are making a change to our uniform policy and we are very excited about it!

In the past we have had a lot of complaints about the sizing of the uniforms. It was difficult to meet the sizing of the age groups with the process that was being used. When new uniforms were purchased they were given to the older ages. As seasons went on and some uniforms were not returned, there was not enough jerseys to fill an older team with more players. The uniforms were handed down to younger ages as the number of jerseys diminished. We also found that we were spending a lot of money on shorts and socks that were not being used very much. Sooooo….

Starting this year, you will be filling out your child’s sizes at both online and live registrations. Our wonderful equipment coordinator, Katie Silva, will be purchasing jerseys accordingly. We will no longer be providing the shorts and socks but the players will get to keep their jerseys! Not T-shirts folks, ACTUAL jerseys! This should make everyone happy! It will help address the sizing issues, easier on coaches not having to collect uniforms, and much easier on our equipment coordinator!

By cloverdaleyouthsoccer